A day with the pack…

Spring Gathering, by Diana Sudyka

Dear Wolf…

Today is a very inspiring and fortunate day spent with a pack of wolves. Not all lupies, but all with interest in or connection to hidden/invisible/chronic illness.

A while ago I was introduced to Katie, through one of my University students. We went for tea and found out that we both had Lupus and theatre in common; both blessings and curses in themselves!

Katie was beginning to explore the notion of chronic illness through creativity and subsequently set up ‘Revealing the Invisible’. Their first venture, with funding from V.Inspired, was launched in The Pie Factory, Margate as a visual art exhibition inspired by chronic illness:

‘Revealing the Invisible is a not-for-profit organisation that aims to use art to explore the ‘invisible’ aspects of chronic illness, including chronic fatigue, chronic pain, depression and isolation. RTI events allow opportunities to those with chronic conditions to find ways of expressing themselves, increase understanding among ‘healthy’ people with accessible art and inspire discussion of chronic illness in public.’

This month we were lucky to get a little more funding to be included in the next stage of the project. With this we launched Revealing the Invisible@ Gulbenkian

And so today we got to talk and play and eat biscuits. It was inspiring, motivating and exhausting. Watch this space for a write up and more to come…

Thank you Wolf for new people x


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