Anton Marrast

 My first attempt at a duologue between the Wolf and Me. Inspired by my session with Nick at the Revealing The Invisible@Gulbenkian workshops.At Vicki’s house one day

Knock knock…
V:  Whose there?
W: Me.
V:  Whose me?
W: Wolf.
V: Aren’t you supposed to try to trick me by dressing up or something?

W. Maybe.
        V: Who invited you?
        W: I can’t remember
        V: oh
        W: Are you going to let me in?
        V: Erm Ok.
 Vicki opens the door
        V: oh you really are a wolf!
        W: Well what did you expect?
        V: Can anyone see you, or is it just me?
        W: Mostly you…
        V: Wait there I’ll put the kettle on

Vicki turns back and makes tea in the kitchen, she chats away about tea and cake. In the meantime Wolf begins to make herself at home. She lazes on the sofa and idly begins to chew on Vicki’s Diary. Vicki returns with a tray of tea and cake.

        V: What are you doing?!

        W: Snarl, grrrrrrrrrr, snap!

Vicki snaps back her hand
        V: Erm thats my diary! Please dont eat it, it’s very important, it has all my stuff in it that I   have to do, the places I have to go…
       W: grrrrrrrr
       V: Maybe a piece of cake instead?

Wolf takes the cake and drops the diary to the floor. Vicki retrieves the soggy, chewed up pieces.

Conrad Roset & Maria Diamantes

     V: What did you do? You’ve eaten whole days?! I was really looking forward to that… why couldn’t you have eaten that week instead, I had a gap? Oh no I have so much to do… I think it’s time you left.
    W: Sorry did no one tell you, I’m here to stay!


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