Learning your routine

Dear Wolf,

You may turn up uninvited but I’m beginning to recognise the signs you’re about to visit.

I read this from Molly’s Fund today…

How Do You Recognize a Lupus Flare? Here is a list of 10 things that may help. www.mollysfund.org
Whilst generally true, we seem to have our own pattern:

1. A sore throat but not a virus/cold
2. Insane heat surges and sweating
3. Fatigue beyond fatigue
4. Mouth Ulcers (and sores in eyes)
5. Bruise easily and cuts/ scabs flare up
6. Ridiculously dry eyes
7.  Flu like aches especially in the lower back
8. Acid tummy
9. IBS symptoms
10. Muscle pain
11. Brain fog
12. Swollen joints

Sometimes you bring other things like migraine, rashes and toenails falling off! Though these are intermittent.

Is learning your pattern part of the battle and I know when you’ve invited yourself?

Wolf by Hazel Terry  paint, chalk and tissue


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