I’ve emerged from a 3 hour nap…

Right lets turn this black mood around. This weekend I had a lovely visit from my mum. We went to the seaside on crutches and I had a couple of hours of fresh air and sunshine. We watched the Vulcan take its last flight over the Britain, drank ale (which made me feel sick combined with the meds), ate fish and chips and ice cream. Looking down the coastal path I remembered how I loved riding my bike along the shore. My wise mum said ‘why don’t you make it a goal for in a year?’

So here it is… ‘on the 11th October 2016 I want to get back on my bike and be able to ride it down the road pain free.’

Me and my treasured bike in 2015
Ice Cream from Sundae Sundae

Beers in the Black Dog

Plane spotting on Tankerton Slopes.
Other Spoonies what would your 12 month goal be?


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