If there’s a whisk there’s a way

So Lupus can be positive, in particular it gives you the gift of savouring the small stuff. Today I began to feel a little better (probably the 20mg dose of preds) so I turned to my favourite things. 
My morning meds were done in style with a pot of English Breakfast Tea.

By the time I got to this afternoon I felt like getting in the kitchen and baking. I went for a super sweet sugary treat and baked a Cherry Bakewell Cake. I love almonds and cherries so this super sticky monster was a perfect choice. 

The recipe can be found here.
I find cooking relaxing and therapeutic. I get to use my brain and creativity whilst keeping busy. Then you get something great at the end and yummy to eat. I most enjoy baking for others and making people happy with cake. I think the love of baking comes from hours in the kitchen growing up. I cooked with my mum, my grandma and even my dad. I loved making anything but gingerbread men and cheese straws were always a staple. I love the fact that all the learnt tricks and tips are in my head passed onto me and ready to pass on. 
I get asked if I would bake for a living or go on Great British Bake Off. To the first I always reply its a labour of love that I don’t want to ruin with money. And to the second, as soon as they invent a Bake Off for disabilities I’m in, I just doubt I could take 16 hours in the kitchen when sometimes 5 minutes is a struggle. Plus I’d crumble with the stress.
So for the moment it stays a hobby that I enjoy the small moments of.
The only issue is with cake and steroids you can grow a little round!

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