Steps to happiness

Kindness is the small acts that make a difference like Paul making me breakfast to save a spoon.
Working hard is not a chore when it’s your passion. I just need to pace myself so I can work more.
I humbly accept that the people I work with are amazing. Collaboration makes us great. 
Smile often especially and strangers. I like people who smile whilst driving as I find it so tough.
Keep honest with yourself and you limits. Don’t promise the world and if your struggling let people know.
Stay loyal to your sisters because they are wonderful and loyal to you.
Travel hurts and makes me sleep for days. When it’s worth it it’s great and I love new places. Just give me a rest when I get there.
Never ever stop learning especially from children. They are wise.
Be thankful always for moments that make you smile. The smallest memories are often the best. Like making someone smile by baking them cake or a hug you really need when having a tough day. Gentle hugs though when everything hurts.
And love, yourself first because when you look after yourself you can give more to others.

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