Spoonie Solidarity

A couple of weeks ago whilst in the middle of a flare I saw that +ChronicallyLiving had posted about Spoonie Survival Kits . I was intrigued, this looked like a fab idea to treat your self whilst flaring. Then I found out they are doing it to raise funds for various causes.

‘Each Spoonie Survival Kit contains a unique assortment of items that will hopefully help you to smile and remind you that you CAN do this.
In the medium kits, there are a range of items that symbolise different aspects of being chronically unwell, as well as some small luxury items that will hopefully bring comfort to the recipient and remind them that somebody cares.
We are entirely non-profit: 25% of the sale of this item goes towards sustaining the project and 75% goes to a chronic illness charity. Our current charity is Action For ME.’

So within about 5 minutes I had purchased one, they only had small one left so I went for that. A few days later it arrived and it felt like a special Christmas.

It was full of spoonfuls of kindness and love and it made me very happy. 

Today I saw that they are up for an award which would help them to do more. 


Spoonie Survival Kits is up for a huge award and the chance to develop as a social enterprise, including a prize of £10,000 towards the cause! The project with the most votes goes straight through to the final and we’re currently in second place so any votes are really appreciated! To vote, follow the link in my bio and click on where it tells you the current number of votes. When it turns red, your vote has been cast! It takes literally seconds and you don’t need to put in any details. 
We want to spread as many smiles as possible, raise as much money as possible and also raise as much awareness of chronic illnesses as possible too and the support from you guys is what helps us to do that! Love and hugs 💜💙




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