Lupus and Insomnia

So it seems that when Lupus is active insomnia follows. I regularly see other Lupies online at this time with the 4am call out to see who else is awake. I have 3 main types of insomnia:

1) Painsomnia – this is pretty straight forward, you are in so much pain you cannot sleep. Strong painkillers such as Co-codamol or Tramadol allow you to grab snatches of sleep but the whole thing becomes desperate and exhausting.

2) Restless Legs – This is the most frustrating and happens to me on and off. I can have a month of nothing then 2 months of being driven to despair. My legs twitch and move on their own. They kick and demand me to tense and loosen the muscles. If I don’t move the sensation becomes unbearable. I have no idea if this is partly psychological as I dread the moment I get tired, and fear the bouts of it coming. I have to try to distract myself or walk around to get it to calm down. It’s the most maddening and torturous feeling. No matter how tired you are you cannot sleep because of physical discomfort. It definitely has a physical root too as I kick and twitch constantly in my sleep.

3) Just Wide Awake – Nights like tonight I just cannot sleep for no rhyme nor reason. Nothing is on my mind and I am simply not tired. In fact my brain is doing some wonderful thinking and creating ideas. I end up watching endless amounts of ‘catch up’ or pinning on Pinterest. I know I am flaring at the moment so that may be the reason. I have a sneaky suspicion it’s the high dose of Prednisolone I’m on. I’m so fidgety all day and have absolutely no concentration. I feel restless and irritable and do not want to be taking these drugs. Hopefully soon there is another answer on the horizon. Or maybe it is just the full moon!

So I’ll leave you with some sleep facts…

P.S. I have a sneaking suspicion number 22 doesn’t help me!

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