Shamelessly Addicted to Caffiene

There’s absolutely no denying it, I am an addict. I simply love this drug. Coffee in particular is the most beautiful liquid on earth. As someone with fatigue it makes my body function. The smell alone makes my mouth water and in our house we are absolutely coffee snobs. So I thought I’d put a collection together to honour my faves.

My current favourite is a Gingerbread Latte. I just cannot get enough of the stuff. It’s worth making your own syrup as its so easy and makes your house smell heavenly. l love Ana’s recipe here. I want to drink it from a huge mug with all the comforts around me.


My daily coffee of choice would be the Cortado.  Discovered whilst visiting the sister in Barcelona this is my ultimate coffee. A dark espresso cut with a little warm milk, the perfect size and taste. In Spain it comes in a glass and is stirred endlessly with a spoon and a huge sachet of sugar until the clinking drives you mad. I’m endlesly buying cups and mugs ideal for this little treat.

I am also partial to a good Sunday morning cafetiere. Served with sugar cubes and a splash of milk or even cream. This keeps going all morning, constantly topping up the mug with dark roasted, aromatic power juice.

I also love a super frothy cappuccino, made with almond or Soya milk it’s less points for me and maximum foam.


Oh and by the way the world’s yummiest cake is this delight… by Nigella Lawson of course. I’ve baked it with fellow coffee lover The Cafe Cat, who as a fellow coffee connoisseur, I’d highly recommend nipping over to her blog with cup in hand to have a good read.


So if you are in love with coffee as I am tell me how you like it best…

I’ve left you with a few gift ideas for all coffee addicts lovers out there.


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