Stationery Therapy

I love stationery. I love pens, pencils, tape, clips, markers, stickers… the list goes on. Yesterday I needed to buy some post bags for eBay and ended up in Wilkos with arms full of practical trinkets. Practical as I’ve just started a Bullet Journal (more on that anther time). Trinkets because they are all so pretty. Also I was pleased to see that all the best people have Uniball Pens. When I first met the crisis team the nurse had a pencil case with a deer on it and it was full of Uniball pens; we bonded.

This was the result:

  • Positive Pencils | I loved the cheesy quotes on these that will help my journalling | £1
  • Glittery Tape | because glitter is always an essential | £1.50
  • Wooden Pegs in all sizes | Just in case | 75p
  • Bulldog  Clips | for Pinterest hacks | 75p
  • Luggage Labels | I always want need more | 75p
  • Uniball Pens | pack of 3 and individual | £1.50 to £2.75
  • Sharpies | Beautiful metallics especially the bronze | £4.00
  • Pencil Sharpener | secretly for make up | £1
  • Polka Dot Pencil Case | to put everything in | £2

So I’m ready for back to school, I’m not going. But I’m ready for well…




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