I’m Sorry

I’m sorry that ‘my mental illness’ made me want to give up,

to stop the searing pain that your words created.


I’m sorry that my self harm made you look bad,

next time I’ll do it better.


I’m sorry that I’m not good enough for you,

do you know what I’m not good enough for me either.


I’m sorry that my body disgusts you, grew fat and broke,

it betrayed me too and I’m stuck with it.


I’m sorry you are tired of explaining yourself,

if you told the truth you may not have to and it wouldn’t be so exhausting.


I’m sorry I won’t go away and get over it,

your decision made me powerless and I can’t make it stop.


I’m sorry I didn’t listen enough to the tales of how good looking you are,

narcissism is pretty ugly.


I’m sorry that I’m humiliated that you bought the betrayers into my life, my home,

in my weakest moment made weaker.


I’m sorry that I’m that fucking stupid that I thought years together were building a life,

apparently it had been ‘dead for ages’.


I’m sorry I’m unclassy, I am a bad person who did a bad thing once.

I’m sorry I robbed others of dignity. I’ll carry this forever because I feel.



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