Stay on my shore

I often visit the sea in a little boat in my dreams and when I meditate. There’s more on this to come soon. I love the words in this beauty. At the moment my boat is broken out on the rocks. But I’m letting the smoke do the cleaning, the pages of my story are about to begin. Happy adventures all.

Stay on my shore, and don’t desert me
And if you go, the wind will blow you back to me
And if your boat is broken out on the rocks
It wasn’t anger but a longing
We feed the birds, syrup and seed
So they stay near, so we can see

Flashing red and blue amid the green
When the fruit has long since rotten
Rolled in the needles and wrecked our skin
Gave it all to be empty
Wrapped in leaves, wet and clinging
In reeds, so holy

We split the cord
Of cedar and holly
And lie indoors
Let the smoke do the cleaning
And sweeten our skin with the salt and a stone
There’s the pages of our story

Joan Shelley