The forest grew with strength and youth,

It stood firm despite the storms that raged,

It waited patiently and slowly spread it’s roots.


The canopy saw centuries of skies pass.

It waited faithfully, a new life meant to be,

Meant to live in this moment and thrive.


But it was over as quick as it had begun,

The waters came and the earth swelled,

The forest took its last breath of freedom.


It’s body buried under the weight of destruction,

Long limbs longed for the air again.

Under the burden of years of more and more soil.


The heat rose as it was pushed further inside,

It’s heart turned as black as coal,

My heart turned as black as coal.


Your words were the destruction reigned,

Your actions were the weight that killed,

That turned my heart to a forgotten fossil.


Some time later the ground was opened,

Someone good saw gold in the black

They began to pick at the edges of the dark.


It wouldn’t be easy, mining deep in the earth,

Coughing the poisonous choking dust.

Lungs black they knew there was something more.


They lit a fire deep within and saw how brightly it burned.

How it was able to fill their world with warmth,

An energy that glowed and built cities.


Inevitably came the smog that threatened to kill,

A self destruction where there was once hope,

Lives lost in deep caverns and pits.


They could see my heart for what it was destined to be,

In the wastelands they dared to plant a new forest,

And life began again, and again, and again.




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