A spider in my eye

‘I’ll blow the cobwebs from your eye.’

I reply ‘Please don’t they’re not dry and old,

There’s a spider living there,

In my eye is a spider’.

SHe sees the world and remembers each frame  that flicks by.

SHe feels the same feels as I, right there in my eye.

The web SHe turns is a home and not a cob.

Sometimes I forget SHes there and almost wipe her away.

Sometimes she forgets it’s my eye and her feet leave scratches on my lens,

The world clouds over and it’s hard to see the truth.

SHe sews my eyes closed after a restless night of weaving.

SHe chatters insenently and questions everything.

Sometimes we disagree

But shes welcome, my little killer friend in my eye.


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