Hello all and welcome to the Wolf Pack!

There’s a Wolf At My Door is a safe space for those with wolves (Disability*) to belong.

  • We recognise the highs a lows of living with a wolf.  
  • We are an honest space in which we talk about what barriers we face and how we campaign for change 
  • We talk about our strengths and celebrate resilience 
  • We honour our wolves and understand that they may make us different, and different is a beautiful thing
  • We share our expertise in slow intentional living and creativity

*There’s A Wolf At My Door classes ‘Disability’ as the Social Model approach: it focuses on the disabling barriers imposed by society, embraces all physical, sensory and invisible impairments, learning disability, mental health, neurodivergent and fatigue conditions.

Who is behind the door?


My name is Vicki and I have a wild imagination and see beauty in everything. I have lived for years with a wolf at my door. She comes and goes and isn’t always friendly but she’s taught me a lot.

I wanted to create a space for others with wolves too. For us to share the ups and down and how to navigate life with the often unwanted house guest.

First of all I am a creative. I am constantly making, crafting, writing, gardening and baking. These things are deep in my soul and make me happen. Because I love with the wolf who take up a lot of my time I have grown to realise that these are the things I thrive on and that make me happy. If I live slowly and simply these things are possible.

I’ve learnt to say that my medical health comes second. But at the same time my disability is part of who I am and present every day. I have to remember that I am not the wolf but live with a wolf who visits a lot. My diagnosis is complex and ongoing but currently stands at:

Behcets Syndrome
Primary Hypermobility Syndrome
‘Lupus Like’ Connective Tissue Disorder
Inflammatory Arthritis (polyarthralgia)
Chronic Migraine
Latent Tuberculosis
Depression & Anxiety Disorder
Bipolar with BPD features (whatever that means)

As you can imagine my life has changed drastically and had it’s up’s and downs. I have begun journaling the day to day and sharing what keeps me going. After all the biggest thing you learn through chronic illness is to savour the small stuff and slow down.

Up until 2016 I worked full time but in recent times I have been unable to work and sustain ‘normal’ living. Whilst this has been painful I also see it as a chance to live life slowly for a while whilst I replenish and take stock. My blog tracks this daily adventure and I hope it will be helpful to others on a similar path.

I was previously the director of Wide Eyed Theatre lectured in drama for both Canterbury Christchurch University and Kent University.

‘There are nights when the wolves are silent and only the moon howls.’ George Carlin

If you would like to contact me about the blog or my adventures please fill out this tiny form:

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