Being a child is climbing the biggest hill and looking at the view and finding the forbidden forest on the horizon. 

It’s finding an old biscuit in your pocket and thinking nothing of eating it with fluff and all.

Something moves out of the corner of their eye and it turns into a ninja hunting through the leaves.

It’s valitldating the world by counting things and trying to be a exact when you’re  wildly out by days.

Only you know the story about the time a hedgehog flew onto the washing line in a great gust of wind.

It’s wobbling a tooth convincing yourself it will come out soon so the tooth fairy comes again. 

It’s the promise of pudding for breakfast if you get to bed on time ( also known as dinner too late).

Everyday means a new girl to be your girlfriend and ask to marry. It’s over quicker than it began. 

It’s using words like ‘apprehensive’ because  they sound made up and could mean anything you desire.

It’s being eternally exited about tomorrow because there’s always another adventure on its way…