I have eight labels around my neck,

Compartments that you put a piece of me into every time it breaks.

Sometimes you take the label out and look at it with that silent furrowed brow,

You take out your pen and scribble it out.


I have eight labels stamped on my being,

Explanations for being not quite right.

I read them so often I forget my own name,

When you doubt them I question my existence and identity.



I have eight labels stuck to my skin,

You can’t always see them but I feel they’re still there.

Each is an instruction to give me something to swallow,

A licence to brew 14 medicines in one body and see what happens.


Sometimes I wear my labels with pride,

Like badges on a lapel and membership to a club.

I want to tell people how heavy they are,

When you question them I feel lost and defensive.


There are 8 labels around my neck,

I’m still me.




Stationery Therapy

I love stationery. I love pens, pencils, tape, clips, markers, stickers… the list goes on. Yesterday I needed to buy some post bags for eBay and ended up in Wilkos with arms full of practical trinkets. Practical as I’ve just started a Bullet Journal (more on that anther time). Trinkets because they are all so pretty. Also I was pleased to see that all the best people have Uniball Pens. When I first met the crisis team the nurse had a pencil case with a deer on it and it was full of Uniball pens; we bonded.

This was the result:

  • Positive Pencils | I loved the cheesy quotes on these that will help my journalling | £1
  • Glittery Tape | because glitter is always an essential | £1.50
  • Wooden Pegs in all sizes | Just in case | 75p
  • Bulldog  Clips | for Pinterest hacks | 75p
  • Luggage Labels | I always want need more | 75p
  • Uniball Pens | pack of 3 and individual | £1.50 to £2.75
  • Sharpies | Beautiful metallics especially the bronze | £4.00
  • Pencil Sharpener | secretly for make up | £1
  • Polka Dot Pencil Case | to put everything in | £2

So I’m ready for back to school, I’m not going. But I’m ready for well…